How do memorial fundraisers work for funeral homes?

When someone on Ever Loved sets up a memorial fundraiser, they can choose to either have the funds go to their bank account or directly to a funeral home.

If they select your funeral home, you will need to set up an account on Ever Loved. We use the secure payment process, Stripe, to transfer payments, so you'll also need to set up a Stripe account through Ever Loved and add your bank transfer information. The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

If you have not yet added your payment information, you can start the process by signing up (or logging in) here:

Once that's been added, you'll be able to directly receive payments when people donate to a campaign going to your funeral home.

The first donation will start to transfer to your account after 7 days. After that, donations will start to transfer after 2 days.

You'll be notified when each new donation is made. The funds you receive should be applied to the account balance of the person listed in the fundraiser.

If you happen to receive more money than is owed, you can work with us to get the extra payment refunded ( or work it out with the family directly.

If you have existing customers that want to set up a fundraiser going to your funeral home, you can send them this link to get started: