Adding shipping information - Shipping Zones

Shipping information on Ever Loved is based on shipping zones. You can assign different states to different zones, and exclude states that you do not ship to.

This makes it easier to add in shipping info without having to specify prices state by state. To add your shipping information, head to your Dashboard.

From your Dashboard, click Setup Shipping Info (if you've already set up the initial information, this button will be called Manage Shipping Info)

If you haven't added any zones, you'll be asked to create a new shipping profile. If you have different kinds of products, you can create a profile for a set of products. For example, we're creating Shipping for Urns.

After you've named your shipping profile, you'll be able to start creating zones. A zone is a collection of states that all have the same shipping price. For example, if you're in California, you might charge the same fee for shipping to CA, WA, and OR. Create a name for your zone and select the states that all have the same shipping rate in that zone.

Once you've added all the states, click Save zone. From here, you'll be able to add the different rates (in case you have multiple speeds of shipping). If at any time you want to edit the name or edit the states in the zones, you can do so on this page.

If you have more than one shipping zone set up, you can view the information for each relevant zone by clicking the down arrow next to the name to expand the field: