How do I contact donors & issue tax receipts?

When you sign up on Ever Loved, you'll be able to opt in to issue tax receipts to anyone who has donated to your charity through a fundraiser on Ever Loved. (Please note that this is the only way to issue tax receipts on Ever Loved, we do not issue them on anyone's behalf. The charity will need to opt in and issue them on their end.)

How do I opt in to receive donor information?

From your dashboard, click on Edit basic information.

Select the checkbox next to " Ask donors..."
Click Next to save.

After I've opted in, where do I find donor information?

Any donor that's opted in to share their information with you will show up on your donation's list. If you haven't yet, make sure you've opted in to receive donor info by following the steps above. 

Once you're opted in, you can view donor information by clicking See donation list in your dashboard: 

Once you're on the donation list, you can view the .csv file and download it for your records. Any donations that were refunded will be shown in red. Any donor that has chosen not to share their information will not have their email address shared:

We currently send out donor information at the end of each month. You'll receive an email that has a .csv file with all of the donor information that has been shared with you. Please note that some donors may choose to not share their information with you. 

Where can I find a donor's physical address?

Ever Loved does not collect the physical addresses of our donors for the purposes of sharing that information with charities. We've heard a lot of feedback regarding physical addresses with most donors preferring not to share their physical address. We recommend reaching out to donors by email and requesting they share their physical address if you prefer to communicate by mail.

I opted in to receive donor information, but noticed that I'm missing information from before we were signed up.

We cannot share any donor information from people who donated before a charity signed up on our platform. After you sign up, all donors who choose to share their information will be able to share it with you moving forward. There is no way for us to retroactively provide donor information from before your charity was signed up on the platform, unfortunately.