How do I enable pre-need casket sales?

You can enable pre-need casket sales on any casket you're selling on Ever Loved. Please note that before the product is listed, you'll need to provide the following information in your Company Info section:

  1. Return policy
  2. Pre-need overview
  3. Pre-need terms

These items are required, if any three of these are not filled out, you'll be unable to list the casket as a pre-need available sale. Here's how you can enable pre-need sales for caskets.

You'll want to fill out your company information regarding pre-need before listing products that have pre-need enabled. Click 'Edit company info' on your dashboard.
Fill out the following sections: Return policy, Pre-need overview, and Pre-need terms. These sections are required.
Once you're finished, click the Save & Exit button.
You can either edit an existing product by clicking the 'Edit listing' button on the product, or you can list a new product by clicking 'List new product'.
Check the checkbox next to "Customers may purchase this item pre-need" under the Pre-need Availability section & click the Save button to save your changes.