How do I see what my page looks like?

Once you've created a memorial website and added information to it, you can see a public version of it to see a preview of what others will see when they visit the memorial website.

To view a public version of the memorial, visit your Dashboard. You can visit it from anywhere by clicking on "Home" in your top navigation (or in the "hamburger" menu, which looks like 3 lines, if you're on a mobile device). Locate the memorial website you'd like to see a public version of and click "View memorial."

You can also switch to "Public view" while you're editing a memorial website to see what it will look like to the public.

If you're done seeing the public website and want to edit it, click on "Edit mode" to switch to a private version of the memorial website that only you can see. From there, you can edit any aspect of the memorial.

Switching to Public View on a mobile device, tablet, or phone: