What features are available on memorial websites?

On a memorial website you can share:

  • The person's name, location date of birth and date of death
  • A primary photo (and four additional photos)
  • An obituary
  • Any funeral event information
  • A timeline of your loved one's life
  • A list of ways others can help out your family
  • A list of your loved one's favorite things
  • A memorial fundraiser where you can raise funds for personal expenses, a memorial fund, or charitable expenses
  • As many photos, stories and condolences as you wish (others will be able to add these, as well)
  • A way for others to send flowers or make a donation to a cause of your choosing

You can also send a beautiful memorial announcement email through the website and collect RSVPs to any events. Visitors will also be able to subscribe to receive emails for posts and changes to website, if they wish.