If I think a memorial website contains false information, what should I do?

Before you flag a memorial website

Please note, if you are attempting to remove or flag a memorial website because you don't like what was posted, your name isn't included in the obituary, the poster isn't part of the family (but is not engaging in fraudulent behavior), or the poster did not "request permission / receive permission" to post the obituary -- please note that we are not able to remove the obituary. Anyone who posts on Ever Loved is welcome to publish an obituary, no matter their connection to the deceased individual. If the obituary is in line with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, we're not able to take down the memorial website or obituary. 

I want to flag a memorial site that violates your Terms of Service or Community Guidelines

It's against our terms of service for people to post false or misleading information on Ever Loved, and maintaining accurate information on our website is very important to us. If you know or suspect that false information has been shared on a memorial website, please flag it for review.

To flag a memorial website, scroll to the bottom of the site and look on the right side. You'll be asked to create an account and leave us feedback, so we can follow up with you if need be.