I’m contributing to a cause. Will the charity or individual receive 100% of my contribution?

Only payment processing fees (2.9%+30¢) will be deducted from each contribution. (That's 2.9%+30¢ deducted from the total contribution, not from each dollar.)

Ever Loved doesn't charge a platform fee on donations, so we rely on tips from generous people like you to help us run our business.

When will I receive an acknowledgement from the charity?

Charities have the option to collect donor data and send out acknowledgements, but not every charity chooses to do so. You are able to use your receipt that you received from support@everloved.com confirming your contribution as a tax receipt -- please note that in order for this to be used as a tax receipt, you MUST have donated to a charitable fundraiser. Personal fundraisers, or individuals personally collecting funds for a charitable cause, are generally NOT considered tax deductible.

You should always consult with a tax professional if you're unsure.