How do I delete my payment information?

Ever Loved does not store your payment information on our website directly, so no worries there. All payments made through our site are processed through our payment processor, Stripe. While Ever Loved does not store your credit card information, Stripe is required to keep your information on file for regulatory purposes. 

If you're interested in learning more about Stripe's information policy, you can find their policy on storing information below:

Stripe cannot permanently delete card numbers or card information from our system. The card number is the record of a transaction. It's called a "primary account number" because it is the only piece of information that we have that reliably identifies a cardholder's account in a transaction. From a legal standpoint, the credit card and its data are owned by the card's issuing bank - who, naturally, also stores the card number and all its details. Cardholders understand that their bank must by necessity store these details and not destroy records of a card or its transactions, and Stripe stores the data for the same reasons. There are also regulatory reasons for this: for example in some cases in the US we need to report to the IRS when a user transacted above a certain volume. If we did not maintain permanent records of our transactions over time, we could not keep an accurate count for this. We also need to maintain information for the sake of the continuity of the payment system. That is, if a merchant who charged you later issued you a refund, we would need your payment information in order to be able route the funds to your account.

If you need more information on Stripe's practices, you'll need to get in touch with them directly at their Contact page.