Set up a Stripe account: How to add payment information

Head to your dashboard and go to your User Settings:

Scroll down to Payment Details and click Set up account

From here, you'll be taken through Stripes account set up process. You can opt to connect either a debit card or bank account to accept funds that are raised through your memorial page.

Adding a bank account or a debit card

We recommend attaching a bank account whenever possible, as there is no limit to the amount of funds a bank account can accept at a time.

If you choose to connect a debit card, please keep in mind that debit cards have a maximum amount of funds that they can accept daily. Most debit cards can accept a maximum of $3,000 daily and can sometimes experience issues if you try to send larger sums. 

After you go through the account set up process, you'll be able to view your account any time by heading to your user settings as you did in Step 1.

If you notice that you're not receiving funds and your account has no outstanding verification requests, please contact and we'll be happy to help.