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General issues & inquiries

If you'd like to get in touch, we recommend sending us an email at with a general description of what you'd like information on. Before you get in contact, please note that due to privacy reasons we're unable to share information or change anything on a memorial page unless you email us directly from the email address associated with the account.

Information we're unable to provide:

  • Additional Event Information or details that a page owner has not publicly shared on the page
  • Private information about the person who created a memorial page
  • How to get into contact with a memorial page owner who has not publicly shared their contact details
  • Explicit details about the funds being raised that haven't been shared by the memorial page creator

A general rule of thumb would be if something hasn't been publicly shared on the memorial page, we'll be unable to provide additional information to you.

Technical issues

If you're having a technical issue with the website, we always welcome screenshots of the current page you're on so that we can get an idea of what it is you're seeing. (Unsure of how to take a screenshot? Here's a helpful guide: How to take a screenshot on any device). Please feel free to email us with a detailed description of the issue you're running into. (Tip: If you're running into any kind of display issue, it's most likely due to the browser or tablet you're using. Our website runs best on a desktop computer running Google Chrome as a browser.)

If you'd rather get in touch a little quicker, feel free to request a call or chat with us live by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner and heading to the Ask tab.