Clearing Stripe Verification Requests: How to add verification information

If you've received an email from Ever Loved or Stripe that references verification information, you'll need to access your Stripe Express account before you can continue receiving payouts.

Why am I being asked to provide verification information?

Stripe requests verification information whenever someone has raised a large amount of money, usually when it's over $1,000. This is standard procedure for Stripe and is usually put in place to prevent fraudulent behavior.

What kind of verification information is needed?

If you're an individual raising money on our platform, Stripe will generally ask that you provide a photo ID, phone number, Tax ID, or SSN.

If you see a request for a "Business Tax ID" and you're an individual, just provide your SSN.

If you're a business that's accepting funds on our platform (charities, vendors, funeral homes, etc.) you'll often be asked to provide your business tax ID. You'll also often be asked to assign a "company representative" that will need to provide contact information.

How do I upload the requested information?

You can upload requested verification information by visiting your User Settings page and heading to your Stripe Express dashboard. 

Go to your User Settings Page, scroll to the Payment details section and click on the View your Stripe account button.

Click on the Account tab.

Click on the Update button to the far right of your name. If Stripe is waiting on verification information from you, there should be a notice under your name that says "More information required now".

Add the required information to this page and click Save.