Setting and changing fundraising goals

When you add a fundraiser you'll have an option to set a goal amount for the money you'd like to raise. It's always important to set a goal that is in line with what you're stating you're raising funds for.

A few notes about goals:

  • You can change the goal at any time. If at any time you'd like to update or change your goal, you can do so by going to Edit Mode.
  • You can raise more or less than your set goal. People can continue to donate to your fundraiser even after the goal is reached and you still receive all the donations even if the goal is reached. (If you're a memorial creator who has reached your goal and would like to end your personal fundraiser, you can do so going into 
  • Your goal should be proportional to what you're raising money for. For example, if you know you'd like to raise money to purchase an urn to keep ashes in, you most likely would not need to raise $10,000. Setting a realistic goal also helps folks feel like they can collectively help you accomplish that goal.
  • If you'd like to avoid setting a goal (for folks who aren't sure how much they need or would prefer no goal), you can do so by entering in $1 or $0 in the goal amount section and clicking Update Website. After you do this, a checkbox will show up that says "There isn't a fundraising target". Click that box and then click Update Website again. (Or follow the steps near the bottom of this page.)

Editing a goal

Head to your management dashboard.
Click on the Memorial Gifts section.
Enter in the new goal you'd like, scroll down and click Save. 

Setting up a fundraiser with no goal

In your Management Dashboard, click on the Memorial Gifts section.
Enter in either 0 or 1 as the amount of your goal and click Update Website.
When the page reloads, you'll receive both a message that says "Your goal must be higher than $1." and a new checkbox will appear. Make sure tick the checkbox and click Update Website to save your changes.