Plant trees in someone's memory

You can now request that people donate to plant trees in someone's memory on Ever Loved.

To use this feature, select the option Plant trees in their memory from your editing page:

Once this option is selected, people who are visiting your memorial page will be able to select the amount of trees they'd like to plant in someone's memory. 

How does this work?

Arbor Day Foundation will plant trees in your loved one's memory on your behalf. The trees are planted in Klamath National Forest in California. A $2 donation to Arbor Day Foundation is needed for each tree planted.

What is the Arbor Day Foundation?

Each year, the Arbor Day Foundation plants millions of trees across the globe to help clean our drinking water, filter the air, slow climate change, and protect critical wildlife habitats. The need for trees in our forests is greater than ever before. Wildfires, disease, and deforestation have destroyed millions of acres of trees, and your donation will help bring these forests back to life.

For more information on Arbor Day Foundation, please visit their website.