I'm looking for a gravesite, cemetery, or grave that a family member was buried at. Where do I go?

At Ever Loved, we provide a platform for memorial website and fundraisers. Our memorial websites are created by individuals who sign up to use our platform. While we would love to have information on people that could help others, we generally do not have access to information on older gravesites, graves, or cemetery locations.

Can you provide me with a death certificate?

No. Ever Loved does not have access to or keep records of death certificates. If you need a death certificate, you'll most likely want to stop by your state's vital statistics office. If you aren't sure where that is, Google your State + death certificate. 

Where was my family member buried?

If you're looking for the grave location of a family member, we recommend Googling their name and a general location where you believe they passed away. Another place you could look is in a city's town hall or try to find if there is a historical records building. The only information we have on Ever Loved is information provided by users on the platform, we don't have access to any kind of death records or historical records. 

Do you have any kind of historical archives, death records, death certificates, or historical records I could look through?

No. Ever Loved does not have access to any kind of these records. All of the content on our website is user-generated. We do not pull personal information from historical records or death records and we do not generate obituaries based off of those records. Every memorial page you see on our website was created by an individual or family who is using our platform.

I know where my family member is buried, but the cemetery won't answer my phone call. Do you have another contact number for them?

Unfortunately, the only contact information we have on businesses are the ones we have already provided on a business webpage. We do not have alternate contact information. If you find that you're not able to get through to a cemetery or business by phone, you can try contacting them by email or on their contact form at their website. If it's a cemetery you're trying to get in touch with, it may be worthwhile to check out your city's town hall for assistance in getting in touch.