Where can I find grief support?

If you're browsing our website, it's very likely that you've recently lost someone close to you. Grief support is difficult to find in many areas, due to the lack of established groups. Engaging with an online forum is a great way to manage your grief while helping others deal with their own. If you're interested in talking with others who are most likely going through similar stages, feel free to read and post in our Grief Center.

The Grief Center is free and includes many different sections to cover individuals experiencing different types of losses. 

Here is where you'll want to go: https://everloved.com/grief/

In order to make a new post, you'll want to navigate to the section that's most relevant to you. Once you're in the section you'd like to post in, you can create your post. 

If no posts have been made, you'll be able to create the first one by filling out the form:

Some key things to note when creating a post: you can post Anonymously if you're uncomfortable sharing your name (you'll just want to select the checkbox) and you can also choose whether or not you'd like to be notified when someone responds. Getting notifications when someone responds is a great way to stay connected in the community and to get help, while helping others.

When you're responding to someone else's post, you can either reply directly to their message or you can create a new reply that's not a direct response. It'll let you know if you're responding directly to the Original Poster at the top of your reply:

If you'd like to keep up to date, select Notify me when someone responds and we'll send you an email whenever someone responds to your post.

If someone has made an inappropriate post or you would like assistance with the grief forum in any way, please feel free to send us an email any time at support@everloved.com.