Contacting Stripe - Payout or Payment Issues

If you have any questions about payment, or other questions that need to be answered by Stripe, you'll need to get into contact with Stripe directly through your Stripe Express dashboard. At the bottom of your dashboard there is a contact button, you must contact them by clicking this button. 

Getting to your Stripe Express dashboard

You can reach your dashboard by going to your User Settings and scrolling to the Payout Details section. There is a button in the section that says View Your Stripe Account, click it and it'll take you to your dashboard.

This is due to the sensitive nature of payment information inquiries -- if you don't contact Stripe directly through that button, they won't be able to verify that the person emailing them is the Stripe Express account holder. Here's where you'll want to click:

Once you're on Stripe's contact form, you'll be able to choose a method of contact. To better guide them, be sure to let Stripe know that you are using a Stripe Express account before you describe your issue.