How do I add multiple admins or managers to my memorial website?

You can allow others to have administrator access to your memorial website by adding them as memorial managers. Before you do this, it's important to note that a memorial manager has all the same privileges as you do. They will be able to add their own payment information to collect donations, they will be able to edit all aspects of the memorial website, and will be able to change the fundraiser or unpublish the website entirely if they desire to.

Due to this, it's incredibly important that you trust the person you add a memorial manager as they'll be able to have full control over the website.

Adding additional memorial managers

Head to your Management Dashboard on your website.
Click on the Settings & Managers tab. 
Copy the link provided and share it with whoever you'd like to add as a memorial manager. Keep in mind that anyone with that link will be able to sign up and manage the memorial website, including the fundraising and donations section.
All memorial managers have the same permissions and have the ability to remove other managers. You can remove an unwanted manager by clicking the Remove Manager button next to the name.

You can remove yourself, or another memorial manager from collecting funds under the fundraising section by clicking the remove button.

Any of the memorial managers can opt in to collect funds using their own Stripe account that they've set up on our platform.

Visitors will be able to see who is added as a memorial manager and which memorial manager is managing the funds for the fundraiser.