Importing your Google contacts

If you'd like to easily send out an email invite to all of your contacts, you can import them on the invitations page. Importing your contacts saves you from needing to individually enter the email address of each individual you're interested in inviting.

How to import your Google contacts

Head to your management dashboard.
Click the email invitation icon on the right hand side, or scroll and click 'Send an email'.
Click the 'Import contacts from Google' button.
Click 'Connect to your Google account'.
Click 'Allow'. Clicking this will give us the ability to import your contacts.
Select which contacts you'd like to import by clicking the circle next to their name, you can always change this later. (You can also click Select All to include all your contacts.) Click 'Add Contacts' to add them to your list.  Anytime you deselect a contact, it'll remove their email from the field. Selecting contacts will add their email to the field.