Help Out section: Let others know how they can help you

We've added a section where you can let visitors to your website know how they can best help you. This section is incredibly useful if you need assistance with things such as household tasks, meal preparation, other tasks related to the funeral, or anything else you feel is useful to your family.

How to add to the Help Out section

Click the 'Edit memorial website' button if you're not already in your editing dashboard. 
Once on your dashboard, click the How to Help tab on the left. You might need to scroll to find this tab if you're zoomed in.
Check the box next to the task you'd like help with to select it. You are able to select multiple tasks at once.
Add in your additional details and click Save to save your changes. 
Tip: If you'd like to add a custom task, you can do so by clicking the 'Add another way for people to help' button at the bottom and fill out as you have in the steps above.
Once you save, your community will be able to see the ways they can help out by going to the Help Out tab on your memorial website. Once there, they can volunteer by clicking the "I can help" button.
When someone volunteers to help with a task, they'll be added to the Volunteers list which you can see in your editing dashboard and visitors can see on your memorial website. (You'll also be notified by email anytime someone has volunteered for a task.) You can easily message those who have chosen to volunteer by clicking the button next to their name.