How do I mention/tag someone on my website?

Mentioning other Ever Loved users is easy, and a great way to let them know they've been listed on the page. (Even if they don't have an Ever Loved account, you can still mention their name and we'll send them an email with a link to sign up. Once they sign up, their mention will turn into a hyperlink.)

Here's how to mention people on Ever Loved:

You can mention other users in the following places: in memories and condolences, on the fundraising story, and in the obituary.  

  1. To get started, type '@' followed by their name (names won't start popping up until you've typed at least the first 3 letters of their name). 
  2. Click on their name in the list of names that pop up. (We show you folks who are subscribed to your website first, followed by others on the platform.) After you finish submitting your post, you'll be able to see their properly tagged name (that links to their member profile). 
  3. If you're unable to find their name in the list, they're likely not signed up on Ever Loved. Don't worry, you can still tag them and let them know you've tagged them. Simply type their name, click 'No match found' (at the bottom of the list) and fill out the relevant information.