Get help with post-death logistics and tasks using the checklist

When a loved one passes away, it can feel like there's a checklist of things to do that never stops growing. Keeping track of these items can be overwhelming and difficult, so we've made it easy to keep track of your to-do's all in one place. Our post-death checklist includes incredibly useful information for navigating all of the things you need to do after someone dies. Here's how to use it.

How to access the checklist

If you haven't set up a checklist already, you can create one here:

If you've already set up a memorial website for someone who has passed away within the last two years, your memorial website automatically has a checklist attached to it. You can reach the checklist in two ways.

How to access the checklist via the dashboard

The first method is to go to your dashboard and click 'View Checklist' underneath the memorial you want to access the checklist for:

How to access the checklist via Edit mode's dashboard

You can access the checklist by going to Edit Mode (or Edit/Manage this memorial website) and scrolling down to the checklist section. Simply click 'See all tasks' to access the checklist.

Navigating the checklist

Below you'll find an explanation of some of the key points on the checklist:

  1. How much of the checklist has been completed and the name of the person who the checklist is for
  2. The type of task -- the tasks are listed by urgency, so you'll know what's important to get to first
  3. Who the task is assigned to -- you can select different managers and invite people to help you manage the checklist with this dropdown
  4. The status of the current task, you can select Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Not Applicable
  5. This is the section where you can add a note about the current task
  6. Where you can add a custom task - If you have a task that's not on the checklist, you can add a checklist item to help yourself keep track of custom to-do's.