How to set a designation for your charitable fundraiser

If you're fundraising money towards a charitable organization, you can easily select a designation on the Memorial Gifts tab of your site. Here's how to do it.

We do not support designations for donations towards charities that are set up to collect donations through Stripe on our platform. If you do not see the designation field on your charitable fundraiser, this is likely why.

Step 1: Set up a charity fundraiser

You can set up a new charitable fundraiser by clicking Change suggestion on the Memorial Gifts tab.

Step 2: Select your charity

Once there, select one of the charities we have listed or simply type in the name of the charity you are trying to raise funds for in the search box next to 'Search for any U.S. Charity'.

Step 3: Choose your designation category

You can select a designation category from the dropdown menu available to help target your donations towards a specific cause.

Step 4: Add additional information (optional)

If the listed designations aren't quite right for what you'd like to raise money for, you can select the Something else option and enter in the specifics of what you'd like the donations to go towards. When we submit the donations to CharityVest at the end of each month, your designation will be sent along with the donations.

Step 5: Be sure to save

Once you're finished setting your designation, click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!