Can't find what you're looking for? Use our Searchbar.

Ever Loved has a lot of features so we tried to make it a bit easier to find what you need by adding a search bar to your Edit Mode. The search bar can be used to locate a page you're trying to access in Edit Mode, making it easy to access pages you don't remember the exact name to and to find sections of the website you'd like to edit. Here's how to find it.

Note: We do not currently offer a search bar for the entire site, just for the private editing dashboard.

How to use the search bar

1) Enter Edit mode

Navigate to your dashboard and click Edit Mode next to the website you're working on

2) Click Search

The search bar is at the top of the website, next to 'Home'.

3) Type in your search terms

You can type in what you're looking for and then click on the results to be taken to the relevant page.

You'll be taken to the page that matches your search. If you've noticed something doesn't pop up when you search for it, feel free to email us at