How do CharityVest donations work?

We partner with CharityVest to make donating to charities easy. When a fundraiser selects a valid charity with a 501c3 designation, we send the donations to them via CharityVest.

Briefly, charities will receive payouts each month, for all donations made that month. Charities with PayPal are able to receive payments much faster than charities without PayPal.

Here's the entire process:

  1. A fundraiser selects a charity with a 501c3 designation.
  2. A donor makes a donation to that charity.
  3. At the end of each month, we submit donations to CharityVest in bulk.
  4. CharityVest processes these donations and within a week or so, will send electronic payments via PayPal to charities who have a PayPal.
    1. If the charity does not have PayPal, CharityVest will issue a physical check to them which typically arrives within 2 weeks.
    2. If the charity fails to accept the PayPal grant, CharityVest will reissue the grant after a day or so. If that is also not accepted, CharityVest issues a check to their address.