How do I edit or add to a memorial website?

Be sure to log in to your Ever Loved account first to be able to manage your memorial website. 

Once logged-in, if you do not see an 'Edit mode' link already in the upper-right corner of your screen, click the 'Home' button in the top-right navigation to visit your dashboard

If you returned to your dashboard by clicking the 'Home' button, you can access 'Edit mode' from there as well. 

You'll know you've reached your 'Edit mode' overview page when you see a checklist with ideas for additional information you can add to your memorial website. To edit or add to your memorial website, scroll down for other ways to add and edit your website's information.

Once you're editing the page and have added the information you'd like to add, you can save the changes at any moment by clicking any of the update website buttons.

How do I edit my website on my phone or tablet?

If you're using a mobile device, the layout is a bit different. Here's how to edit a page while on mobile:

Head to your dashboard. Click on Edit Mode on the memorial you'd like to edit.

Click on any of the blue Edit Info boxes to start updating information.

After you've edited your information, you can click Update Website at any time to save the changes.