Don't have a bank account? Connect to your Stripe account.

If you don't have a major debit card or a bank account and are unable to find a trusted family member who is willing to connect their own bank account, you can try using to generate a virtual bank account. 

Please note, while Stripe does support using's virtual bank account as an acceptable form of deposit, virtual bank accounts can experience a higher rate of failure. Using a normal bank account or debit card is always preferable and we do not have an official line of support open with Using this feature is relatively new and it's possible that you'll run into issues.

Here's a brief overview to using with Stripe:

  1. Download
  2. Generate a direct deposit bank account using by following the instructions in the guide here:
  3. Once you have the routing and accounting numbers, add them to your Stripe account by following the guide here:

If you run into trouble using and Stripe, you'll need to get in touch with their support teams here:

Cash App Support


To contact Stripe support, you'll need to contact them through your Stripe Express Dashboard. Go to your User Settings, scroll down to Payment details, and click on View your Stripe Account. Once you're in your Stripe Dashboard, contact them using the contact link at the bottom of the page here: