Premium Websites: How to limit who can post on your website

As a Premium user, you're able to limit who can post in certain places on your website. If you prefer that only you and other admins can fill out sections such as Timeline & Favorites, you'll want to disable public posting in Premium.


There are three main sections that allow your community to upload content to your memorial website: Timeline, Favorites, and Memories. All three of these can either be entirely removed (as in they will not show up anywhere on your website) or you can restrict who can post on these sections. Restricting posting means that only you and other memorial managers you've invited will be able to post on these sections while allowing anyone who visits the website to see the content.


The memories tab lets people share condolences, photos, and videos to someone's memorial website. Many people use this feature to share their thoughts and feelings towards the deceased and to comfort the family in their time of need. We recommend keeping this feature enabled and accessible if you are interested in receiving condolences of any kind.
When using this feature, you have the option to restrict memories in multiple ways, including:
  • Only allowing managers to post on the memories tab.
  • Allowing no one to post on the memories tab & removing it.
  • Requiring posts be approved before they appear publicly on the tab.

Keep in mind removing posts from your Memories tab is NOT a Premium feature and is available to anyone using a memorial website. If you want to remove a post, here's a guide on that: How do I remove comments and content on my Memorial Page?

If anyone is violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, harassing you, or posting inappropriate content on your memorial website, please alert our team immediately by emailing with a link to the memorial website and description of the post.


The timeline is a space for you to share major (and minor) events in the deceased's life in a visually appealing way. You can choose provided events or create custom events and can upload photos to the Timeline as well. If you'd like to be the only one who can upload events, you'll want to restrict this section. (Keep in mind that you have the option to delete any Timeline event that's posted by someone else at any time, without restricting access.)


The Favorites section is to list out the favorites of the person who passed away which can be a great way to share someone's life with your community. 

How to restrict posting or remove the sections entirely

Head to your Management Dashboard on your website.
Scroll down to the community content section and check the boxes next to the areas you'd like to either restrict or remove entirely. Once you've selected your boxes, click Save to save your changes.

Mobile User Instructions

Head to your Management Dashboard on your website.
Tap on the Edit Memorial Website and select the Community Content tab.
Scroll to the Community content permissions section. Tap the checkbox next to which features you'd like to disable or restrict.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the Save button to save the changes.