It's been over 7 business days and I still haven't received my donation funds. How do I access the funds?

If it's been over 7 business days and you've yet to receive the donation funds connected to your account, you'll need to access your Stripe account and check for alerts.

Our payment processor, Stripe, sometimes requests additional verification information before they can proceed with a payout. Head to your User Settings page ( and log into your Stripe account from there. If Stripe is waiting on additional information from you, there will be a notification letting you know that you need to upload information. Stripe will also send out an email notifying you of the information they need in order to proceed.

Uploading requested Verification Information to Stripe

You should be able to upload the requested verification information on your dashboard. To access your dashboard:

  1. Go to your User Settings

  2. Scroll down to Payment Details and click on View your Stripe account

  3. Click on the Account tab

  4. Click the Update button next to your name. You can also edit your information by clicking on the pencil icons to the right of the page. 

If you have any questions about payment, or other questions that need to be answered by Stripe, you'll need to get into contact with Stripe directly through your Stripe Express dashboard. At the bottom of your dashboard there is a contact button, you must contact them by clicking this button. This is due to the sensitive nature of payment information inquiries -- if you don't contact Stripe directly through that button, they won't be able to verify that the person emailing them is the Stripe Express account holder. Here's where you'll want to click:

If it's been less than 7 business days and you'd just like more information on receiving funds from a personal cause, check out our article How will I receive the funds that I’ve raised for a personal cause?

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