Getting Started: How to create your first memorial page

Memorial Pages are easy to set up and a caring way to share the legacy of a loved one who has passed away. We've seen thousands of pages posted and have gathered some critical steps to success that our most popular memorial pages all have in common. Getting a full page set up might seem daunting at first, but we promise we've tried our hardest to make it as easy as possible.

Keep in mind that these steps are entirely optional, but we've found that following them makes for a much fuller experience for those visiting your Memorial Page. 

Before we get started, let's look at what you can do on Ever Loved:

  • Create and share a beautiful Memorial Page
  • Add a personal, charitable, or funeral fundraiser to your page
  • Purchase items from our marketplace
  • Read through our resources for assistance with the funeral planning process

Most people that use our site are doing so for the first time and are often a bit confused as to where they should even start in the funeral planning process. Feeling overwhelmed or confused is completely normal, most people have absolutely no experience when it comes to the funeral planning process. We've tried to break down the process into smaller bits to make it easier, if you feel there is some way we could improve, we're always looking for feedback.

To get started with your Memorial Page (and/or fundraiser), the very first step is to Create an Account. After you've created an account, you can get started on your Memorial Page.

5 Steps to a Beautiful Memorial Page

Step 1: Choose a proper photo

In the age of social media, many people have thousands of photos to choose from. Choosing the right one for a memorial can be hard, but it's best to choose one that helps people remember the bright moments from a loved one's life.

Ask yourself the following question:  If I had to choose one photo for others to remember me by, what would it be? 

Photos of someone smiling, doing their favorite activity, on a trip they enjoyed, or surrounded by loved ones are all great choices. 

Try to avoid:

  • Screenshotting a photo on another platform. Instead, right click the photo to save it to your hard drive.
  • Posting a blurry, confusing, or unflattering photo.
  • Posting graphic photos that show the last moments of someone who has passed. This can often times be distressing to family and friends who prefer to remember someone during their best times.

Step 2: Write an obituary

Writing an obituary might seem like an overwhelming or laborious step, but it's a great way to remember someone's legacy and share their story with others. We have plenty of templates you can choose from: simply fill in the relevant info and post.

If you'd like to try your hand at writing your own obituary, we're here to get you started.

Try to avoid:

  • Including an extremely detailed account of someone's final moments, especially if it's traumatizing.
  • Badmouthing others (or the deceased), detailing family feuds, or using the obituary as a platform to blame people
  • Posting an obituary that's one or two sentences. 

Step 3: Add Event Information

If there are any events that you have planned (a memorial service, funeral, celebration of life, etc.) it's a good idea to include that information on your Memorial Page. Be sure to include the correct time and date so that others can plan accordingly. People can RSVP to your events by visiting the Memorial Page.

Important Event Information to Include:

  • Correct start time & date
  • Full Address including name of the building/organization, street, suite numbers, city, and state
  • Any additional notes you feel are necessary (dress code, dietary restrictions for food friendly event, plan for the event, link to location's website, etc.)

Want to see how many people have RSVP'd? You can check by clicking the See RSVPs button on your Dashboard.

Step 4: Add a Fundraiser

If you're interested in raising money for a funeral or would like for people to donate money to a specific charity, you'll want to set up a cause on your Memorial Page. You can fundraise money that goes either directly to you or a specific charity. 

When you select Yes to question Are you concerned about funeral costs? You'll be taken to a section that lets you set up a fundraiser:

When you set up a personal cause, be sure to explain what the money raised will be used for and who it'll be going to. It's important that the title and the story reflect an accurate and honest explanation for what you're fundraising money for to avoid confusion for those donating to your fundraiser. Try your best to answer some of the questions we've included in the set up under Helpful information to share as it gives insight into what you're raising funds for and how the funds will be used.

What kind of fees are associated with fundraisers on Ever Loved?

Ever Loved does not charge a service fee for contributions. Only payment processing fees (2.9%+30¢) will be deducted from each contribution. For example, if someone donated $100, $3.20 would going to our payment processor and the rest would go to the personal cause or charity. (It’s not 2.9% of each dollar.)

Contributors are able to add an optional tip on top of their contribution, which helps Ever Loved cover operating costs. The tip is an optional tip to Ever Loved. Tips allow us to run our business without taking a percentage of donations or charging families to create memorial websites. 

If you're interested in setting up donations to go towards a specific charity, you'll have time to do that later in the set up. For more information, please read our Guide on Fundraisers.

If you set up donations for a specific charity, it's good to explain why the charity is important, why it was significant to the person who passed away, and any other information you feel is necessary.

If you're not ready to add a fundraiser at the time of set up, that's okay. You can always add a fundraiser later, we've made it super easy.

Step 5: Share Your Page

Sharing your page is necessary if you want to share that someone has passed. People will be able to find your page if they google the name of the person who has passed away, but we've seen a lot of success from folks that share the page with friends and family. 

When someone visits your Memorial Page, they have to option to share their condolences and to post photos. Encourage people you give the link to to share their memories so that others can join in on the experience when they visit your Memorial Page.

When you're in Edit Mode on your Memorial Page, you'll see a section that lets you copy and share the link with your friends and family.

From here, you can share the link directly to the Memorial Page by copying the link, sending it out by email, or sharing it to Facebook. You can also share to other types of social media by copying and pasting the link on whatever platform you're using. After you've shared the link, contact friends and family and request that they also share the link to the Memorial page.