Adding Event Information and Handling RSVPs

Events let you share the following information with people who visit your memorial page:

    • Type of Event
    • Start & Date of Event
    • Location of Event
    • RSVP requirements
    • COVID-19 requirements
    • Link to the livestream
    • Additional Information

You can host multiple events on your memorial page and can always edit or delete them as needed.

Event Details Overview

Some important things to remember when adding events:

    • You can add more than one event to your page. Click the add event link at the bottom of the Event Section to add multiple events. 
    • If you need to remove an event, you can do so by clicking the link in the top right corner.
    • If your event isn't one of the events we have listed, you can select the 'Other' option and give the event whatever title you'd like to.
    • If you want to livestream your event and would like to bypass the location requirement simply click the checkbox next to "Will be live streamed"
    • You can include as much information as you need about common COVID-19 requirements by checking the relevant boxes

If people are directed towards your memorial page looking for event details, be sure that you double check the details are correct. You'll want to make sure you have the correct Time, Date, and Location especially.

Checking and Handling RSVPs  

When people visit your memorial page, they'll have the option to RSVP to an event. It'll look like this:

You can check your RSVPs on your Dashboard. Click 'See RSVPs' next to the memorial page. This is where you'll learn who's coming, who can't make it, and an email in case you need to get into contact with them.

Adding manual RSVPs

If you'd like to manually add RSVP's from folks who aren't able to RSVP on the platform, you can do so under the Events tab in Edit Mode. Simply add in details like the attendees First & Last Name, email address and the number in their party and click 'Add RSVP'.