How much does an Ever Loved memorial site cost?

Our standard memorial websites are entirely free!

In addition, Ever Loved does not charge a service fee on donations. Only payment processing fees (2.9%+30¢) will be deducted from each contribution. For example, if someone donates $100, $3.20 will go to our payment processor. The rest would go to you or the organization you are fundraising for.

How does Ever Loved make money if the site is free?

Ever Loved partners with memorial product vendors, funeral homes, hospices, cemeteries, and other businesses in order to offer our memorial websites at no cost to individuals and families. Contributors are able to add an optional tip on top of their contribution when donating on our platform, which helps Ever Loved cover operating costs. Tips are not required, but they allow us to run our business without taking a percentage of donations or charging families to create memorial websites.

How much does Premium cost?

Premium websites on Ever Loved are a one-time fee of $199.99 and come with a free 24-hour trial.

What do I get with a Premium website?

We are always working to improve and add new features to Premium, but these are some of the main benefits of upgrading to a Premium memorial website:

How long does my memorial website stay active?

Your memorial website stays up indefinitely, or until you are ready to take it down. You do not need Premium to have a memorial website stay up permanently. All of our websites (free AND Premium) stay up until the family decides to take it down, if they want to.

It says $X was donated on the website, but I only received $X. Why is this?

You are likely overlooking the processing fee. Our payment processor, Stripe, charges a standard credit card processing fee for each donation made to a fundraiser. This fee does not go to Ever Loved, it goes to our payment processor, Stripe. We display the full amount that was donated on the public memorial website and only the memorial creators can see the full amount transferred to them, minus fees, on their memorial dashboard.